Who knew?

I began practicing online at 4peaceofmind.ca eight years ago.  I felt very fortunate that at that time my brother was working in the graphic arts field, and was able to create a custom web-site for me that suited my taste and that I was very proud of.

Recently I decided that my web-site could use a makeover.  Although the look and feel of my original site always brought me peace of mind, it clearly didn’t for everyone and a change was long overdue.

Given that almost a decade has passed since the construction of my original web-site, many things have changed.  My brother now has a family with three young children and, therefore, very little spare time.  I currently have a good friend who was willing to help me build a new site, but he also has a somewhat hectic schedule.  Years ago this would have been my cue to wait.  Although I practice therapy online, I would not describe myself as tech-savvy in any way.  And like anyone, I tend to fear the unknown.  But more than anything I wanted the new site finished and off my to-do list as soon as possible.  So after doing a bit of habitual waiting, I decided I would find a way to get it done by myself.

This post might be a bit more entertaining if I could describe a painful and confusing process of deciphering the difference between widgets and plugins, pages and posts, categories and tags, etcetera.  Although I can definitely say the process was tedious, I cannot say that it was difficult.  And, most importantly, it was finished in only one week, and only with the help of WordPress support.

This certainly wasn’t what I expected.  As I signed up for my WordPress account I felt dread and trepidation.  I imagined at least a month of pulling my hair out, white-knuckling my way through complicated instructions and  phone-calls with tech-support that might as well have been conducted in Latin.  It just didn’t happen that way.

The whole process was a pleasant surprise.  If I take some time to think about it, it wasn’t the first of its kind either.  Like everyone, there have been many things in my life I wasn’t sure I could accomplish until I just went out and got it done.

Consider the ambition seen in pre-verbal toddlers.  They are eagerly interested in almost everything they come in contact with, and fearlessly attempt anything that occurs to them.  In little time at all they learn to walk, talk, climb, manipulate their toys, and basically find some way to accomplish what they set out to achieve.  Regardless of how successful they are, unless a caretaker interferes or they become distracted, they may become frustrated, but they rarely become discouraged.

As our mind and our cognitive processes develop, verbal cognition becomes dominant and our minds begin to “think” in words.  This is helpful to us in countless ways, but it also causes us problems in countless other ways.  Our thinking mind and its thoughts, predictions and opinions, easily lead to avoidance, procrastination, and discouragement.  The ability to fear and make assumptions about things we have never even encountered before, like building web-sites, or any other event that dwells outside our comfort zone is a common example of this.

In cases like these it is wise to return to the question:  Which will you believe, your mind or your experience?  Thank your mind for its opinion and warnings, and give whatever it is your best effort.  Most often you will be pleasantly surprised, and at the very least, everything is a learning experience.

Keep well…


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