When You Just Don’t Feel Like It…

When I decided to begin a blog, I did a bit of reading to familiarize myself with the ins and outs of blogging.  It is suggested that to create a successful blog you need to post consistently so I decided to commit to posting at least once every week.  It has been interesting to watch myself during these first few weeks of blogging.  At this very moment, for example, I’m sitting at my desk with my head in my hands staring at the computer screen.  To be honest, I’ve been doing that for awhile now.  Today I just don’t feel like blogging.  There have been other days where I’ve started writing something countless times only to completely delete it afterwards.  While my inner-critic harasses me to make it perfect, my inner-voice-of-reason says:  not every post is going to be perfect, and your posts next year will be better than these, just share your thoughts with the best of intentions and let the rest go…

Like many, I have a tendency to proceed with cation when I’m in unfamiliar territory.  My own personal motto might be:  When in doubt, read.  However, when I do read it doesn’t take long for it to occur to me that what I really need to be doing is writing instead.  Perfectionism adds fuel to the fire of procrastination.  Also like many others, I don’t like to do anything until I’m sure that I can do it well.  For some things though, “doing it well” can only be found in  books to a certain extent.  This is one of those situations where to get better at doing, I simply have to keep doing, whether I feel like it or not.  And I suspect, particularly when I don’t feel like it.  There’s nothing else for it.

Opportunities and life will pass you by if you spend too much time waiting to feel like doing it, or to feel ready to do it.  The most important point is to identify these thoughts simply as content of the mind and get to work on whatever it is that you have been putting off as soon as possible.  It may not feel that great to start, but stay focused on the end result, finishing always feels great…


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I totally agree and that is something that will make many people give up on things, they feel like they aren’t perfect enough. I always felt like if you at least get something finished u can go back and tweak it later but at least it’s done. Usually u are happy with certain parts and u feel a sense of accomplishment bc u did what you set out to do

Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2014 17:58:38 +0000 To: sandywishart95@hotmail.com

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