Seek and You Shall Find

One of the easiest ways to bring ourselves down is to look at the news whether its on television, main pages of the internet, or magazine covers.  I have been referring to the news for years as the “bad news”.  So much of it does showcase the worst in us as people after all.  Given the sensationalism of these stories, other more uplifting stories that are also included and appear tend to be overlooked.  But they are there if we keep an eye out for them.

Recently I have begun to feel a sense of dread as I go on the internet that I will once again see something I really do not want to see – headlines or even worse, images of violence, hatred, destruction, and intolerance.  Even though there are useful, interesting, and amusing articles in there as well, I am still growing a preference to simply stay away.

Yesterday I found a story on the internet about a terminally ill homeless man being provided with an apartment for him and his beloved dog, and thought it might be of the “feel-good” variety.  I read it over and it was like one good thing after another and read like a  breath of fresh air really.

Like I have reminded many clients I too need to remind myself, we all do, to keep looking for the examples of what makes us human and good as we travel through our every day lives.  And they are out there everywhere.  It can be something as simple as a person helping a mother lift her stroller onto the streetcar or one friend letting another know that they have something in their hair.  If we really think about it, its likely that many of those countless people we see glued to their cellphones are providing some form or other of support to their colleagues, friends and loved ones.  Even all those cars in traffic were engineered by brilliant minds to make our lives easier and safer.  These same brilliant minds, all brilliant minds really, continue to endeavor to bring convenience, value and improvement to human life and the life of our planet.

See how easy it is to look and find the good in the world?  To look and to see how truly connected we all are at all times.  Thoughts like these are great for the mind, body and soul, and are always available to you for your peace of mind…

Keep well…


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