“Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart”

Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart is one of those truly rare gems of a book.  Written by Gordon Linvingston, M.D., a psychiatrist who at the time of writing had been in private practice for thirty years, this book is teeming with wisdom that can and will benefit every person’s life.  It does so by providing true wisdom about humanity and what it means to be truly human with our capacity for success, greatness, kindness, courage and all those traits that bring us a healthy sense of pride, as well as our capacity to be human and limited with all those traits that too often bring us shame, when instead they should bring us compassion towards ourselves and others, forgiveness, learning, acceptance, self-care and strength.

There are so many great statements in this book that I have more of it highlighted than not.  I was considering sharing some of my favorite quotes but how do you choose from sentence after sentence of what would ideally constitute every person’s inner library of common sense?  Statements that would spare so many people from learning things the hard way, and too often by needless and painful repetition and wasted youth and years…

I will provide the chapter titles in the hopes that I entice every ready of this blog to purchase this book either through my link or otherwise, and to pass it on to every person they care about, particularly the young, and possibly even to those they don’t care about.  Place it in your office, waiting rooms, schools, etc.  It is a gift that is meant to be shared.  And I do feel the same about its sequel too…

Here are the chapter titles.  Please read through them all.  One or a few are bound to resonate with you meaning they have something within them you are meant to hear and benefit from.  And for those who aren’t into reading, or don’t have much time, be assured that this gem is a tiny gem, each chapter takes only a minute or two to read…

  1. If the map doesn’t agree with the ground, the map is wrong.
  2. We are what we do.
  3. It is difficult to remove by logic an idea not placed there by logic in the first place.
  4. The statute of limitations has expired on most of our childhood traumas.
  5. Any relationship is under the control of the person who cares the least.
  6. Feelings follow behavior.
  7. Be bold, and mighty forces will come to your aid.
  8. The perfect is the enemy of the good.
  9. Life’s two most important questions are “Why?” and “Why not?”  The trick is knowing which one to ask.
  10. Our greatest strengths are our greatest weaknesses.
  11. The most secure prisons are those we construct for ourselves.
  12. The problems of the elderly are frequently serious but seldom interesting.
  13. Happiness is the ultimate risk.
  14. True love is the apple of Eden.
  15. Only bad things happen quickly.
  16. Not all who wander are lost.
  17. Unrequited love is painful but not romantic.
  18. There is nothing more pointless, or common, than doing the same thing and expecting different results.
  19. We flee from the truth in vain.
  20. It’s a poor idea to lie to oneself.
  21. We are all prone to the myth of the perfect stranger.
  22. Love is never lost, not even in death.
  23. Nobody likes to be told what to do.
  24. The major advantage of illness is that it provides relief from responsibility.
  25. We are afraid of the wrong things.
  26. Parents have a limited ability to shape children’s behavior, except for the worse.
  27. The only real paradises are those we have lost.
  28. Of all the forms of courage, the ability to laugh is the most therapeutic.
  29. Mental health requires freedom of choice.
  30. Forgiveness is a form of letting go, but they are not the same thing.

Enjoy and keep well…


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