What dwells on the mind is worth some time considering…

A friend of mine sent me the following quote several months ago, and it has been dwelling on my mind ever since:

I wish I’d partied a little less.  People always say:  “Be true to yourself.”  But that’s misleading because there are two selves.  There’s your short-term self, and there’s your long-term self.  And if you’re only true to your short-term self, your long-term self slowly decays.


It shook me when I read this because for many reasons what can be referred to as my “short-term self” has dictated much of my life thus far.  During the past couple years I have set things in motion to change that, to choose to see myself positively as a “late-bloomer”, and to finally honour my long-term self that was and is the self of my childhood dreams, my life’s purpose, and my true heart’s desire.

Where does this short-term self come from?  And how does it gain so much power over our lives sometimes?  I think this can be answered in so many different ways, by myself, and by anyone else.  But does it really matter after all?  The most important thing first is to notice it, to remain aware of it, and to take control away from it and hand the reigns of your life over to your long-term self when you know its time.  If that cannot be achieved easily then further investigation will help you uncover what makes the short-term self and its priorities so much more compelling…  Look to the payoffs that your short-term self and long-term self enjoy from this pattern and follow from there in your journaling, meditation practice, chats with close family and friends, or any other way you check in on yourself and get a good look at what is present for you…

Stay aware, stay committed, and keep well…

P.S.  If you feel you could benefit from some extra help with this, I am also available to help…

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