You’re sure you don’t want any?

“The danger is not that the soul should doubt whether there is any bread, but that, by a lie, it should persuade itself that it is not hungry.”

Simone Weil

I think we’ve all been asked this question countless times, particularly when it comes to sharing food.  We’ve also come across similar questions when friends and family ask us to join them doing this, that or the other and we decline.  What doesn’t happen so often, is that someone will ask if you are sure that you do not want more from life.  How often does it happen that we even ask ourselves if we want more?

It is not uncommon to exit our formative years with our dreams and aspirations trampled out of our awareness by well-intentioned discouragement, an unsuccessful first attempt, and the thoughts of our very own minds.  Rather than endure the discomfort of taking a closer look at what has happened, dreams and aspirations are easy to let go of in the interest of protecting ourselves from the anguish of seemingly inevitable failure.  This becomes even easier to do when we have children and forget our own dreams and aspirations and instead wholeheartedly focus on theirs.  Life on the beaten path, a life that seems to be keeping up with those around you, gives a sense that life is just as it should be too.  And for many it truly is.

I’m writing to those of you for whom that spark of fire attached to a dream never extinguished and still burns.  To those of you who think that feeling okay most of the time is good enough.  To those of you who think its too late, you’re too old, you can’t afford it, you’re too busy, you’re too (fill in the blank) …

Remember, thoughts and beliefs are merely content of the mind.  Just because we have certain thoughts and beliefs, it does not mean that they are true.  And often they are not…

You can have a belief and still choose behaviors that contradict it.  You can look around and you’re sure to find evidence of other people contradicting your belief.  These are people who refuse to entertain negative or self-limiting beliefs.  These are the people who feel abundant and alive in adult life.  These are the people who are truly happy because these are the people who are living their passion in whatever way they can.

Find your way to feed that fire to bring passion and happiness back into your life.  Not only will you benefit, but your friends and family will be thrilled to see you back in the game.  You deserve this so take some…

Keep well,


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