Susan has helped me through several very difficult events in my life and has been an incredible support to me in dealing with ongoing anxiety issues. Her patient and compassionate manner make you feel like you are talking with a close friend, and yet the practical advice and suggestions she offers display her professional talent (which is more than you can get from just talking to a friend.) The service she offers is unique in that you get the added benefit of writing everything down, which is good therapy in and of itself and leaves you with a permanent record of her response which you can look back on when you need to. I love that I can write to her from the comfort of my own own home, on my own time.  The work that Susan and I have done together has provided me with not only a source of listening/support, but with some actual concrete skills that I can use to keep my anxiety at bay when difficulties arise in life. She has recommended several very good books to me and is always willing to tailor our discussions and her advice to my needs, if something isn’t working for me, she is able to switch gears and try another approach. Susan has made a real and lasting positive impact in my life and in helping me cope with anxiety. Any time any of my friends or anyone I meet tells me that they are going through a difficult time, I always pass on her name and contact info and I would encourage anyone considering professional support to get in touch.

K.H. Vancouver, B.C.


Susan has always been there for me when I needed her most.  Her honest, straightforward, and genuinely caring advice has helped me gain valuable perspective on many different situations in which I was stuck looking at things in the way I wanted to see them.  Thanks Sue for helping me see things clearly from the outside looking in.

A.A. Toronto, ON


Susan Rotella is an amazing listener.  Whenever something major happens in my life I always talk it through with her.  She gives great advice and is able to be neutral in any situation, therefore allowing me to come to my own conclusions about what I should do.  She is always positive and gives knowledgable feedback which makes me feel confident in the decisions I make.  I know that I can trust her with any information I give her and she will keep it confidential which is really important when sharing personal information.  She is very professional and extremely motivating and I would recommend her to anyone I know.

S.W.H. Whitby, ON


I would recommend Susan to anyone who needs someone who is a great listener.  She is very supportive and compassionate.  She makes you feel comfortable and gives you the confidence to open up to her and to yourself.

B.B. London, ON


I need to thank you Sue.  You helped me through one of the hardest points in my life.  I’m so happy I had this to push me through it and give me courage and hope.  Thank you so so much.  I feel great.

L.W. Waterloo, ON

Great counsellor who hears you without judging. Her replies are thorough and, most importantly, full of genuine empathy.

E.O., Ontario